Riding boots with red zipper for women to wear this fall-winter 2014 – 2015

Women’s shoes are very diverse and the autumn – winter 2014 – 2015 style is divided into dozens of categories ranging from shoes to fur lined boots. In this article we present some recommendations for riding boots with red zipper. These boots are very popular and appreciated by most women, especially due to their original appearance, position of the zipper and due to color contrast between the zipper and the rest of the boot.

Most wanted colors are light or dark brown, black and gray. Red zipper is positioned in the back of the boots at the most models. The heel is very low and their height is a medium one going up to the knees. Thus you will have your feet protected from the cold and wind outside. An important feature of these boots is buckles positioning: one in the ankles area and the second at the top just below the knee.

To view products details, prices and availability we recommend you to join amazon and discover all models of boots. In the picture below you can find some of the most representative models in this category.

riding boots with red zipper for women

Riding boots with red zipper for women

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