Maxi, midi and mini day and evening dresses for tall women

There are many types of clothing for different kind of people. Also there are stores which sell a specific range of apparel. Long Tall Sally is one of them specialised in clothing for tall women. In this article we’ll present day and evening dresses.

Women 5’8’’ (173 cm) tall and above need some dresses that are fit for them. With Long Tall Sally store will no longer be a problem finding the best dress, jeans, jackets or skirts because the products are specially designed for these measures.

The collection includes maxi, midi (below the knee) and mini (above the knee) dresses. Some of them are for casual wearing and others for special events. With short or long sleeves you can have a nice look at any party. Comfortable and colorful in an elegant way it’s a pleasure to wear them.

Below we present you some representative models. For all details and prices enter the Long Tall Sally store.

maxi midi mini dresses for tall women

Maxi midi and mini dresses for tall women

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