How to make a blog – Step by step for beginners from A to Z and make money with it

I know there are other tutorials on the web about how to make a blog but I’ll try in this post to explain in a simple way all the basic steps needed to create a wordpress blog. I talk about self hosted blogs not free blogs, because in this way you will be able to create a professional good looking independent website.

First of all you need to have a domain name and a hosting service plan for your blog. We recommend Bluehost web hosting service for their quality products, good support and low prices.

Step 1: Choosing a web hosting plan and a domain name

Enter bluehost >> from here or accessing the next picture below and then push the ‘get started now’ button or once you are on bluehost site you can also go to their menu and choose from products category > shared hosting. (Both actions take you to the same page.)

bluehost main page

Bluehost main page

In the next window you will see the hosting plans: starter, plus (most popular) and business pro. In these post we go with the starter plan.

bluehost hosting plans

Bluehost hosting plans

Select the starter plan (prices can be different from the printscreen because bluehost changes offers frequently) and go to the next step. Here you will find two boxes. If you are a beginner I suppose that you don’t already have a domain name, so you must complete the first box by choosing a new domain – for example: . This is just an example of a domain name. You will complete the domain name you choose for your blog and click next. It must be available not already taken.

choose new domain name

Choose new domain name

If it’s available in the next window will show the message ‘sign up – congratulations!’. Then in the next fields you should enter your ‘account information’ like: first name, last name, country, street address, city, state, zip code, phone number and your email address.

sign up account information

Sign up account information

Right under the ‘account information’ field there is another window with ‘package information’. Here you can choose from the first box the ‘Account Plan’. You can opt for ‘Starter 12 months price’. Uncheck the other boxes because they are optional. Anyway if you really want to check any of them (for example ‘Site Backup Pro’) it’s your choice. So… let’s go ahead with the tutorial.

hosting package information

Hosting package information

Then you must enter your ‘billing information’. You can pay by credit card or with PayPal. Check the box with ‘I have read and agree to the Terms of Service’ and then click ‘next’.

billing information

Billing information

After the purchase has been made you will be able to login to your cpanel account. You will also receive an email from bluehost with all the details of your account. You should save somewhere the email and write down all the data like: login url, user and password for your cpanel.

Step 2: Installing WordPress on your domain name

Now, after you have logged in cpanel account you should go to ‘MOJO Marketplace’ and choose ‘One-Click Installs’.

mojo marketplace one click installs

MOJO Marketplace One-Click Installs

In the next window you have to choose ‘WordPress’.

choose wordpress icon

Choose WordPress icon

It will be opened a new window with a ‘Start’ button where it says ‘a brand new install’. So you have to push the ‘Start’ button to begin the wordpress installation.

start wordpress installation

Start WordPress installation

Then you have to ‘Select wich domain you would like to install to’. Being at the beginning of course that you have only one domain to choose from. In the right field leave it blank. Push the ‘Check Domain’ button.

select domain to install wordpress

Select domain to install WordPress

The next window it says ‘You are almost there! This is the last step’. If you want you can check the ‘Show advanced options’ field and change your blog title, email, username and password (this is optional but is recommended for a safer blog). I also recommend to use a good username (not ‘admin’ because it’s to easy) and a strong password (not a simple word). Then you have to check ‘I have read the terms and conditions’. Push the ‘Install Now’ button and wait for the installation to finish.

last step installing wordpress

Last step installing WordPress

advanced options wordpress installation

Advanced options WordPress installation

After the wordpress installation is complete the following window should appear. You should save your login username and password. You will need them each time you log in your wordpress blog account.

address and login data for your wordpress blog

Address and login data for your wordpress blog

So, you are done with the wordpress installation on your blog. You can check if your blog it’s already live on internet by clicking the blog url in the last window or simply by enter the url address in your browser (chrome or firefox etc). If it’s not live yet I recommend to wait several hours then try again. Sometimes can take up to 24 or even 48 hours to propagate the new domain name on the internet. I recommend to bookmark this blog post and come back to continue building the blog after the domain name will be visible online. You can skip Step 2 in the window above, because I’ll show you everything you neet to know in the next steps about adding a new theme, installing plugins, etc.

Important! To login to your wordpress blog account (dashboard) you must enter your login url in your browser (chrome, firefox, etc) and then click enter. You can also see how looks the login url in the picture above (it’s very easy – your url followed by wp-admin). In my case is like this (using chrome browser):

login url for my wordpress blog

Login url for my WordPress blog

After clicking ‘enter’ you should see the following window, where you need to write your login username and password and then press ‘Log In’ button.

add your login username and password

Add your login username and password

Finally 🙂 you are now inside your wordpress blog account. Your dashboard account should look like this. (click on the next image to view the full screen of the dashboard, then you can go back to our tutorial).

dashboard of my wordpress blog

Dashboard of my wordpress blog

The next step is probably the most important. I’ll teach you how to make your wordpress blog look nice and professional.

Step 3: How to make your wordpress blog look professional – step by step

For this step I prepared a video tutorial where I’ll show you how to add a nice theme, install plugins, add a logo and widgets to your sidebar, add categories and how to publish blog posts.

I invite you to follow the steps from the next video tutorial. You can find it also on youtube right here.

After watching this video I hope that you’ve learned how to make your wordpress blog look nice. Remember that you can choose any niche for your blog, something that you like to write about it.

The final step is about how you can make money online from your blog. I know that this will be the most beautiful and interesting part of your blogging adventure.

Step 4: How to make money online with your blog

Before starting to make money online I recommend you to first publish at list 30 articles on your blog. They must be interesting and have a unique content. In time you will start to gain more and more targeted traffic to your blog from search engines like google, bing etc. This type of traffic from organic search is the best way for high conversions and to make money online.

There are 4 main methods to make money online that I also use and recommend: Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing, Direct advertising and Selling stuff online. I’ll present each method in the following paragraphs.

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