Hello Kitty karaoke machine – best buy models for kids

Sometimes the best birthday parties are those when children play with the karaoke machine. Most popular is Hello Kitty model with microphone. Its advantage is that it is portable and can be taken at any party. Kids love this equipment because is fun and pretty.

In this post we made a list with the best selling singing machines from this category and their features. After you have decided which is the right device you can go to amazon to read all the details, complete customer reviews and to buy it.

Best Hello Kitty karaoke machines for kids that you should consider are – in order of importance:
Hello Kitty 68109 CD Karaoke System with screen
Hello Kitty KT2007 CDG Karaoke System with Built-in video camera
Hello Kitty KT2009 CD+g Karaoke System with Built-in video camera, Audio/video recording and bluetooth
Hello Kitty iSing Karaoke for iPad – Pink (HK-ISK)
Hello Kitty CD Disco Karaoke – Pink (66209).

Next futures are from the first model 68109 which is also the best seller:
It comes with a microphone in box. This is wired and has on/off switch.
Has a second input so you can use two microphones when singing duets. Girls love to sing this way.
It has a 5 inch monitor display so your kids can read the lyrics. It has also a video output jack to connect to tv.
Most important piece is probably the song player wit a CD-G player system which has a programmable memory up to 20 tracks.
Vocal effects are enhanced. So you have: balance control with or without lead vocals, echo control, microphone volume and master volume control. The automatic voice control feature works only with multiplex CDG.
Of course speakers are built-in, so the design is compact.
iPod or iPad can be connected with an aux input. Also you can use headphone jack.
For power supply comes with an AC power adapter. Also works with 8 batteries alkaline C.

We invite you to look at all the models in the following pictures.

hello kitty karaoke machine

Hello Kitty karaoke machine

hello kitty karaoke machine best buy reviews

Hello Kitty karaoke machine best buy reviews

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