6 National Parks in the United States you must see in your life

United States is a country full of beautiful places known for their wildness and amazing landscapes. National parks are some of these places full of beauty, awakening the spirit of adventure in every person. From over 400 national parks we’ve selected 6 by their unique appearance.

The first one is Crater Lake National Park. This volcanic lake is the deepest in the United States and is located in Oregon. The two pictures below captures the beautiful lake in the evening when it’s winter and in a summer day.

crater lake national park by day summer

Crater Lake national park by day summer

crater lake national park in the evening winter

Crater Lake national park in the evening winter

The second is Arches National Park. This unique landscape is located in the desert of Utah and is made of natural stone formed by erosion.

arches national park in utah desert

Arches national park in Utah desert

natural stone arches national park by night

Natural stone Arches national park by night

double arches made by erosion in utah

Double arches made by erosion in Utah

The third one is Kenai Fjords National Park. It’s full of rivers and lakes created by over 30 glaciers wich are surrounded by high mountains and dense forests.

kenai fjords national park landscape

Kenai Fjords national park landscape

kenai fjords glacier and mountains

Kenai Fjords glacier and mountains

The fourth is Badlands National Park located in South Dakota.

badlands national park in south dakota

Badlands national park in South Dakota

badlands prairies park with geological fossils

Badlands prairies park with geological fossils

The fifth is Mount Rainier National Park. This is located in Washington state and is really the fifth national park in United States. Here you cand find rich forests, the highest and glaciated peak in the Cascade Range and old trees.

mount rainier national park in washington

Mount Rainier national park in Washington state

The sixth one is Big Bend National Park. You can find this special park in Far West Texas and you could be one of the 300,000 visitors / year. Big Bend is known for it’s beautiful landscapes, rocks, rivers and for thousands of plant and animal species living there.

big bend national park far west texas

Big Bend national park Far West Texas

big bend park with rocks and rivers

Big Bend park with rocks and rivers

thousands of animal and plant species in big bend park

Thousands of animal and plant species in Big Bend park

Source here: all-that-is-interesting.com

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