5 Villas on the beach in Belize, Cape Town, French Riviera and Mexico

Each of us would like for once to live in a luxury villa on an exotic beach. There are many dream places that are ideal for those who want to spend their vacations. I searched for you five villas located in beach area near the Caribbean Sea, the Mediterranean, etc. There is no man who doesn’t love them at first sight and you would like to stay in this houses forever.

Villa Watina from Belize

The first luxury villa called Villa Watina is located in Belize in the Caribbean Sea and close to the barrier reef. From the rooms you can admire the sea and the landscape like a dream. Original furniture from Belize and spacious rooms are another reason they are so desired. Luxury bathrooms and double king size beds offers relaxation and comfort.

The main point of attraction of this villa is the terrace type pool which combines perfectly with the veranda. You can relax freely in the crystal clear water while admiring the stunning views. Look at all the details in Villaescapes page.

villa watina belize beach house

Villa Watina Belize beach house

vila watina beach veranda

Vila Watina beach veranda

Casa Solana from Belize

The second villa is actually an elegant bungalow resort, also located in Belize and is called Casa Solana. It’s kind of one bedroom villa with ocean view, being placed right on the water. It is the ideal location for honeymoon. Spacious veranda and infinity pool gives a unique aspect compared to other house beaches of the world.

In this luxury resort described on aprivateisland you can enjoy the most beautiful moments of your life with your beloved, but also with friends. Silence and scenery looks like you are in paradise. You can even dine on the outdoor terrace. In this place you can enjoy plenty of privacy. You will return home definitely more energetic and clear-headed.

casa solana belize

Casa Solana Belize

casa solana bungalow

Casa Solana bungalow

Villa The Spa House from Cape Town

In South Africa, near Cape Town, there are some of the most modern and luxurious houses and villas. One of them, with minimalist design and very spacious is The Spa House Villa which is detailed also on capedreamstay website. This house has all the advantages of a modern home, such as: is very spacious, bright, relaxing and equipped with the latest decorations. Of course has a swimming pool and an ultramodern terrace more than large. The combination of light colors like white, brown and blue gives a feeling of freedom and tranquility.

the spa house cape town

The Spa House Cape Town

the spa house interior design

The Spa House interior design

Villa Eze from French Riviera

If you prefer the kind of luxurious house and aristocratic style you must admire Villa Eze in the French Riviera. This residence is located between Monaco and Nice and of course has a big price tag, as you can see on theaddressmagazine. Due to its location is the kind of exclusive home preferred by richest people. You can enjoy the Mediterranean Sea right from the veranda of the villa while cooling off in the pool.

villa eze french riviera

Villa Eze French Riviera

Casa Ikal from Mexico, near Tulum

We’ve saved the best for last, namely Casa Ikal from Riviera Maya in Mexico area, somewhere near Tulum. Here you have the opportunity to feel like in paradise, being one isolated location and very modern at the same time. It is equipped with everything you need to have an unforgettable stay. In this place you can retreat and forget the daily stress to offer only moments of joy.

You can admire the next pictures with the infinity pool and a part of this modern resort with beautiful terraces. Furniture and rooms are well equipped, while design and colors blend perfectly.

casa ikal infinity pool tulum

Casa Ikal infinity pool Tulum

casa ikal terrace mexico

Casa Ikal terrace Mexico